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The Race to Las Vegas: LL63

A Central
1PerryS PerS1720
2WhitlockS WhiS1610
3LehmannS LehS1518
4MassogliaB MasB1419
5IsmailAE IsAE1321
A Coastal
1CollegeA ColA1820
2MatthewsP MatP1718
3KirbyJ KirJ1515
4DavisP DavP1412
5KatineJ KatJ1312
A Corridor
1BahnamanS BahS1614
2GertlerJ GerJ1529
3BeckomO BecO1414
4WalrathM WalM1414
5JohnsonME JohE149
A Frontier
1LanghoffJ LanJ1832
2BarkerC BarC1726
3BlankenshipJ BlaJ1517
4NoorialaA NooA1517
5KravisA KraA1416
A Highland
1CarrC CarC1517
2SheehanG SheG1516
3St GeorgeJ St J1514
4IsmailST IsST1421
5MeyerT MeyT1412
A Horizon
1DhuwaliaR DhuR1519
2FloresM FloM1519
3BarelaE BarE1512
4BarnumPT BaPT1416
5MandellJ ManJ1415
A Metro
1HammonB HamB1726
2IaconoA IacA1517
3KelsoT KelT1414
4BishopA BisA147
5SmithEJM SmiM145
A Midland
1SillerE SilE1929
2LaPlanteC LaPC1617
3ConeT ConT1528
4ChinG ChiG1515
5MaurerD MauD146
A Pacific
1LiptonM LipM1518
2LehmanTerms Lehm1514
3NaglerE NagE1512
4MuellerP MueP1416
5BawdonG BawG1415
A Seaboard
1FaunceRob Faun1620
2TerpstraR TerR1415
3YoungT YngT1413
4HellerJ HelJ145
5DebU DebU1315
A Skyline
1ArnoldM ArnM1411
2GoldbardS GolS1315
3FischerL FisL139
4RaoD RaoD135
5CohenD2 CoD21214
The winners of the Rundles A qualify for the 2014 Rundle Championship in Las Vegas (details).

2015 Rundle Championship Qualifiers

1. MeyerT MeyerT 2014 LearnedLeague Champion
2. HessJ HessJ LLLive 2014 TCONA Open Champion
3. PerryS PerryS LL62 Rundle A Central Champion
4. KreitzerJ KreitzerJ LL62 Rundle A Coastal Champion
5. BahnamanS BahnamanS LL62 Rundle A Corridor Champion
6. DhuwaliaR DhuwaliaR LL62 Rundle A Frontier Champion
7. MorrisT MorrisT LL62 Rundle A Highland Champion
8. MorrisP MorrisP LL62 Rundle A Metro Champion
9. ConeT ConeT LL62 Rundle A Midland Champion
10. BawdonG BawdonG LL62 Rundle A Pacific Champion
11. HolzhauerJ HolzhauerJ LL62 Rundle A Seaboard Champion
12. WehrmanM WehrmanM LL62 Rundle A Skyline Champion
Details on annual LearnedLeague Rundle Championship.

Member-hosted Live Events

City Host Event Venue Time Details
Sunday, November 23
 New York
    Brooklyn KesnerA Trivial Dispute Skylark 7:00 PM Details
    Brooklyn ZawistowskiS Smart in DUMBO 68 Jay St Bar 7:00 PM Details
    Guelph SaundersA The ATQ All Music Quiz Fionn MacCool's Guelph 9:00 PM Details
    Philadelphia TarnowN The Big Quiz Thing World Cafe Live 8:00 PM Details
Monday, November 24
    San Francisco WoutersT Monday Night Trivia Rosamunde 8:00 PM Details
    Columbia ColvinG Final Score Trivia M... Pub Dog Pizza and Drafthouse 7:45 PM Details
    Frederick HartmanI Pour House Trivia Night Roast House Pub 7:00 PM Details
    Frederick PatschakB Pour House Trivia Night il Forno Pizzeria 8:30 PM Details
 New York
    Brooklyn KesnerA Trivial Dispute Alligator Lounge 9:00 PM Details
    Guelph SaundersA The ATQ Pub Quiz Fionn MacCool's Guelph 9:00 PM Details
    Arlington FrostM Pour House Trivia Night Spider Kelly's 7:30 PM Details
Tuesday, November 25
    Los Angeles GoldRF Tuesday Night Trivia... Cafe 50's 8:00 PM Details
    Bethesda HartmanI Pour House Trivia Night Markham's Bar and Grill 7:00 PM Details
    Glen Burnie ColvinG Final Score Trivia M... Glory Days Glen Burnie/Pasaden 8:00 PM Details
 New York
    Brooklyn KesnerA Trivial Dispute the Charleston 9:00 PM Details
    Arlington FrostM Pour House Trivia Night Capitol City Brewing Company 7:00 PM Details
View all upcoming listed events here.
Submit and manage your listings here.
Any LL member at Standard level (or higher) may submit live event listings.

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LL63 Forfeit Rate: 3.6%   Target: 4.0%

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Apologies to WhittingtonS & Rundle D Metro Div 2   FrankJ 21 Nov 21:00

Sincere Apologies to ZasowskiJ and Abasement   NirM 21 Nov 2:32

As Lucy Ricardo would say ...   FerzocoG 20 Nov 0:46

A thousand apologies for my recent forfeits   ThielmanS 19 Nov 4:07

Apologies to BowersI   SpillaneJ 18 Nov 8:42

Apologies to GroceV for Forfeiting   GroceV 15 Nov 6:08

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