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The Race to Las Vegas: LL61

A Central
1ValadaC ValC3628
2PerryS PerS3546
3ScheelerD SchD3137
4LehmannS LehS3131
5BrelandA BreA3117
A Coastal
1PliskaG PliG3437
2KreitzerJ KreJ3236
3JenningsK JenK3221
4RoyS RoyS3123
5MatthewsP MatP3027
A Corridor
1RafalM RafM3951
2MargolisB MarB3948
3GertlerJ GerJ3733
4BahnamanS BahS3655
5PierronS PieS3023
A Highland
1MeyerT MeyT4366
2MorrisT MorT4055
3SuessE SueE3951
4SheehanG SheG3553
5FogartyN FogN3437
A Metro
1Saha Saha4051
2McKennaM McKM3953
3MorrisP MorP3740
4MeyerS MeyS3735
5IaconoA IacA3455
A Midland
1FrenchDontFry FFry4057
2ConeT ConT3859
3ChinG ChiG3650
4CohenD2 CoD23648
5HartwykM HarM3553
A Pacific
1FryedBetaKappa FrBK3745
2Meyer Meye3730
3BawdonG BawG3626
4FrielP FriP3334
5CarterM CarM3115
A Seaboard
1YoungT YngT3435
2FaunceRob Faun3429
3Kassal Kass3428
4SpiroJ SpiJ3222
5HellerJ HelJ3027
A Frontier
1BarkerC BarC3635
2BarelaE BarE3625
3KravisA KraA3549
4ChunL ChuL349
5LanghoffJ LanJ3241
The winners of the Rundles A qualify for the 2014 Rundle Championship in Las Vegas (details).

2014 Rundle Championship Qualifiers

1. FrielP FrielP LLLive 2013 TCONA Open Champion
2. YoungT YoungT LL58 Rundle A Atlantic Champion
3. MeyerT MeyerT LL58 Rundle A Continental Champion
4. FloresM FloresM LL58 Rundle A Northeast Champion
5. ScheelerD ScheelerD LL58 Rundle A West Champion
6. PerryS PerryS LL59 Rundle A West Champion
7. BahnamanS BahnamanS LL59 Rundle A Northeast Champion
8. CohenD2 CohenD2 LL59 Rundle A Continental Champion
9. PliskaG PliskaG LL59 Rundle A Atlantic Champion
10. Kassal Kassal LL60 Rundle A Seaboard Champion
11. DhuwaliaR DhuwaliaR LL60 Rundle A Pacific Champion
12. IaconoA IaconoA LL60 Rundle A Metro Champion
13. IsmailST IsmailST LL60 Rundle A Highland Champion
14. RoyS RoyS LL60 Rundle A Coastal Champion
15. DuffyM DuffyM LL60 Rundle A Central Champion
16. FryedBetaKappa FryedBetaKappa LL61 Rundle A Pacific Champion
17. ValadaC ValadaC LL61 Rundle A Central Champion
18. RafalM RafalM LL61 Rundle A Corridor Champion
19. BarkerC BarkerC LL61 Rundle A Frontier Champion
20. Saha Saha LL61 Rundle A Metro Champion
Details on annual LearnedLeague Rundle Championship.

Member-hosted Live Events

City Host Event Venue Time Details
Wednesday, July 30
    Birmingham LewellynB Thinking Man's Trivi... Paramount Bar & Grill 8:30 PM Details
    Santa Monica VeredJ O'Brien's Pub Quiz -... O'Brien's Pub 8:00 PM Details
    Springfield FriedewaldR Pub Quiz Norb Andy's 8:00 PM Details
    Clarksburg PatschakB Pour House Trivia Night Bennigan's 7:30 PM Details
 New York
    New York HightowerT Drunken Smartass Oly... Dempsey's Pub 7:00 PM Details
    Guelph SaundersA The ATQ Pub Quiz Fionn MacCool's Guelph 9:00 PM Details
    Alexandria FrostM Pour House Trivia Night T. J. Stone's 7:00 PM Details
Thursday, July 31
    Springfield FriedewaldR Pop Culture Quiz Burger Bar 8:00 PM Details
    Gaithersburg FrostM Pour House Trivia Night Quincy's Bar and Grille 7:30 PM Details
    Alexandria PatschakB Pour House Trivia Night Fish Market Restaurant 8:30 PM Details
View all upcoming listed events here.
Submit and manage your listings here.
Any LL member at Standard level (or higher) may submit live event listings.

2014 LearnedLeague Rundle Championship

August 9, 2014 -- LIVE
TCONA 4, Tropicana Las Vegas
2014 LL Rundle Championship home >>

What is LearnedLeague?

LL is a creed. An ideal. A Weltanschauung.

More specifically, it is an online trivia league, where members face one another head-to-head in a season. There is trivia. And there is defense. And there is crying. And there is more, here.

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LL62 Pre-Season Timeline

Jul 9: Registration Open
Jul 25: Initial Rookie Invitations Sent
Aug 4: Last Call for Referrals
Aug 8: Final Rookie Invitations Sent
Aug 12: LL62 Registration Closed
Aug 18: LL62 Opening Day
    All dates subject to change.

Recent Champs

Jul 26 1DS: Rolling Stone  HerderS
Jul 26 1DS: Norse Myth  BennettT2
Jul 25 1DS: Palindromes in Other Words  

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