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The Race to Las Vegas: LL62

A Central
1PerryS PerS3143
2IsmailAE IsAE3037
3AdusumilliV AduV2734
4RossC RosC2723
5LehmannS LehS2419
A Coastal
1KreitzerJ KreJ2842
2KatineJ KatJ2828
3RheeJ RheJ2529
4KirbyJ KirJ2434
5MatthewsP MatP2427
A Corridor
1BahnamanS BahS3050
2MargolisB MarB2933
3GertlerJ GerJ2835
4SteinS SteS2623
5MichelettiD MicD2519
A Frontier
1DhuwaliaR DhuR2935
2RamieriJ RamJ2736
3BarkerC BarC2611
4BarnumPT BaPT257
5VerwillowK VerK2319
A Highland
1MorrisT MorT3130
2IsmailST IsST3027
3SuessE SueE2842
4McClellanD McCD2625
5FogartyN FogN2617
A Metro
1MandellJ ManJ2818
2MorrisP MorP2724
3MeyerS MeyS2627
4McKennaM McKM2621
5VarolP VarP2529
A Midland
1KingAsTheThinga King2933
2ChinG ChiG2845
3MesrobianD MesD2721
4HobermanR HobR2622
5ConeT ConT2527
A Pacific
1MuellerP MueP2629
2FryedBetaKappa FrBK2627
3FrielP FriP2422
4BlishS BliS2420
5BawdonG BawG2419
A Seaboard
1HolzhauerJ HolJ2828
2YoungT YngT2733
3FaunceRob Faun2521
4HellerJ HelJ247
5DebU DebU2319
A Skyline
1FischerL FisL2938
2HorwitzJ HorJ2928
3CohenD2 CoD22419
4HutchingsA HutA248
5SpiroJ SpiJ2321
The winners of the Rundles A qualify for the 2014 Rundle Championship in Las Vegas (details).

2015 Rundle Championship Qualifiers

1. MeyerT MeyerT 2014 LearnedLeague Champion
2. HessJ HessJ LLLive 2014 TCONA Open Champion
Details on annual LearnedLeague Rundle Championship.

Member-hosted Live Events

City Host Event Venue Time Details
Monday, September 15
    Los Angeles PierceE Sobriety Test Bar Tr... Boardwalk 11 Karaoke Bar 7:00 PM Details
    Frederick HartmanI Pour House Trivia Night Roast House Pub 7:00 PM Details
    Frederick PatschakB Pour House Trivia Night il Forno Pizzeria 8:30 PM Details
    Arlington FrostM Pour House Trivia Night Spider Kelly's 7:30 PM Details
Tuesday, September 16
 British Columbia
    Vancouver WhitakerM Trivia Night Tuesday Mr. Brownstone 7:00 PM Details
    Bethesda HartmanI Pour House Trivia Night Markham's Bar and Grill 7:00 PM Details
Wednesday, September 17
    Culver City PierceE Sobriety Test Bar Tr... Scarlet Lady Saloon 8:00 PM Details
    Clarksburg PatschakB Pour House Trivia Night Bennigan's 7:30 PM Details
    Guelph SaundersA The ATQ Pub Quiz Fionn MacCool's Guelph 9:00 PM Details
    Fairfax HartmanI Pour House Trivia Night The Revolution Bar 7:00 PM Details
View all upcoming listed events here.
Submit and manage your listings here.
Any LL member at Standard level (or higher) may submit live event listings.

What is LearnedLeague?

LL is a creed. An ideal. A Weltanschauung.

More specifically, it is an online trivia league, where members face one another head-to-head in a season. There is trivia. And there is defense. And there is crying. And there is more, here.

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LL63 Pre-Season Timeline

Sep 27: Registration Open
Oct 13: Initial Rookie Invitations Sent
Oct 23: Last Call for Referrals
Oct 27: Final Rookie Invitations Sent
Oct 31: LL63 Registration Closed
Nov 10: LL63 Opening Day
    All dates subject to change.

LL62 Forfeit Rate: 3.3%   Target: 4.0%

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